User Experience Design Portfolio of Martina Pérez


👋 This is Martina Pérez (@martinabrel), UX Designer working in London

I'm originally from Spain, more specifically from Coruña, a small city surrounded by the Atlantic ocean located in Galicia, northwest of the country.


I love solving user problems. Along the years, I have gained a lot of experience as an interaction designer, specially designing wireframes and building prototypes to test & iterate on design solutions.

That said, I’m very interested in research. I always ask myself from the very beginning: Why are we doing this? And this question leads to many more… It’s a challenge!



I thought I had to gain as much experience as possible, so I've worked on startups and large companies, both product and service based, for external and internal users. I either spent 1 year working on a single project or dealing with multiple ones designing for mobile apps and webs.

So far, It's been a great time and I’ve learnt a lot working with professionals with such different backgrounds.


My background

I studied a bachelor's degree in Multimedia and Audiovisual Communication, which means I learnt how to produce a film and write a script, but also to model & animate a 3D character. After my graduation, I worked as a production assistant, graphic designer and conducted interviews for documentaries. Over the years, I also studied postgraduates in Programming for Digital Arts, Interaction Design & UX Design.



😀 Thank you so much for reading my short story. I'm working as a happy UX Designer in London today, but you never know what tomorrow may bring! Let's keep in touch, you can drop me a line or find me on Linkedin, Medium, Twitter or Instagram